Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today my good friend, Amy, and I were discussing buffets. She confided to me that she didn't really like buffets much any more. She felt that there was too much food and you always felt like you had to "eat your money's worth." I have felt the same things in the past. But my thoughts about buffets have changed. I actually still enjoy eating out at a buffet once in awhile. But "eating my money's worth" means something different to me than it did pre-surgery. Before surgery "eating my money's worth" meant eating as much food as possible (to the point of being sick.) Now it means getting to TRY a taste of lots of different things. I definitely don't eat a LOT of food when I go to a buffet, but I tell myself that the "money's worth" is the tastes of many different kinds of things. It has helped me when I have had the chance to eat out. Maybe this small change of thought can help others too when they have to navigate the many tables of food at a smorgasbord.
By the way, I have only been to two buffets since my surgery, but I ate appropriately and didn't get sick. :-)

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  1. I haven't been on your site in awhile, and when I got on today, I was totally blown away. You look fantastic!!! I wish I could make Christmas fudge w/o eating it. I'm really proud of you!! Luv you, Aunt Christel