Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm still sore after my fall. I've been sore since Tuesday afternoon. It's Saturday night. But the pain is getting less and less. Mom and my sister wanted me to go to the doctor... but I didn't want to pay a co-pay of $30. So I'm just "living with it." I do have two knots in my shoulder blades that I can't seem to work out. I've had Scott rub them, Kiara and Katia work on them, and I've even tried to pinch out the knots myself. I'm sore. Hopefully they'll work themselves out soon....

I went to visit one of the people I visit teach this morning. She just got home from head surgery. She had an infection on her brain and they had to operate. It wasn't cancer. Yeah! But if I'm the sore one, she's the brave one. She just got home from being in the hospital for 6 days and an incredibly frightening surgery. When we visited this morning, she was dressed, had make-up on and was walking (slowly) around. I was so impressed with her stamina and her bravery. I want to learn that from her!

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  1. Suppose Scott could do something about the knot in your head? Just joking. Did you get my e-mail about exercise? Did you see the water balloon fight?