Friday, January 28, 2011


I really only have 15 more pounds to loose but have reached a plateau. I guess that is "normal." I have stayed between 175 and 174 for the past 4 weeks. I am eating a BIT more and I'm exercising consistantly too. Maybe I'll have to go back to beginning surgery eating to loose this last 15 pounds...?!
I have been consistantly working out Monday through Friday for two months now. I feel stronger. I look forward to my workouts. And I've never felt healthier. :-) It's not been easy. There are days when I want to scream and yell at my "coach." My friend, Amy, keeps me motivated to work out. We work out together using the Wii Personal Trainer. It's amazing, but we really like (and sometimes hate :-) ) the animated coach, Mia. I recommend this program to everyone. It's not like working out with a video because the workouts are varied. She also pays attention to progress, etc.
I have received some feedback that I need to post another photo of myself. Let me be honest, I still feel like a large person (emotionally) and so it is sometimes hard to put me in front of the camera. My friends tell me I look great but it's hard to wrap my brain around the concept of a skinny and healthy me. I haven't gotten a photo recently... but I will try to take one this weekend and post it soon!
Sorry that this blog has not been kept up like I like. I really do want to focus more on it.... I will strive to be better!

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