Saturday, August 21, 2010


AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH! That's how I feel!

My headache is more than a small hindrance. It's more than a mere frustration. I don't usually get pounding headaches... but today I have one.

Today was DeGooyer Day today. We had a BLAST! We went to the Kentucky State Fair. We walked for hours (which is great for exercise and fun). There was so much to see and do! I especially enjoyed seeing all the cross stitches, quilts, and art work. I want to enter one of my cross stitches in the fair next year. Scott thinks I could win a prize for my work.... I also loved the craft fair part of the experience. There were tons of booths and it reminded me of when I was a kid and would attend craft fairs with my mom. It was one of the highlights of my childhood... and I still love attending them today! The whole family really had fun! AND the fair was completely indoors, so it wasn't too hot! :-) The only negative: my cephalagia (or in lay-man's terms: my headache.)

To remedy my headache, I am only alloud to take Tylenol, due to the gastric-by-pass surgery and the way medication is digested.... Tylenol isn't much. In fact, it is lousy at curing splitting headaches. I am also trying a bit of caffeine (which should also help). I'm drinking a coke icee. So far, neither remedy is accomplishing what they profess to do....

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  1. Hmmmm! I thought you were just a carrier. Oh well, sorry. Hope you're feeling better. ;-)

    I just got my second check for my newspaper column. Did you get my e-mail about that?