Sunday, July 11, 2010


The Grand Canyon is AWE-INSPIRING! Joanne and Dexter decided to really spoil me by taking me somewhere I've never been before. And I'm soooooo glad they did! It was almost spiritual to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon. I had seen pictures before... but I didn't expect the powerful wave of emotion that accompanied looking out over the vast ominicient beauty the Lord created for us. The only thing that was missing was my family. Scott, Kiara and Katia would have also been blown away by they shear magnificence of the scene.

Our trip started off to Flagstaff to see Payton perform in the Curry Summer Music Camp program at Northern Arizona University. It was a fantabulous performance. The choir was great! Payton is very talented. She sang alto in this choir, but has also sung soprano in other choirs. As a music teacher, going back and forth between parts, is very difficult for someone her age.... I was also priviledged to see the orchestra (although watching the violinists made my heart cry for my eldest daughter.) They were AWESOME! They played Sparticus and Pirates of the Carribean. Both were amazing.

After the show, we went to dinner at a fun hamburger joint called Bun Huggers. The funny story was when Joanne told me the name of the place we were going - I heard "Butt Huggers." :-) I thought she was crazy! I had a delicious salad for lunch.

Then we went to the Grand Canyon. On the way I spotted an real-live elk in the middle of town. I made Dexter turn the car around and Joanne and I got out to take pictures. Dexter chastised us about getting too close to a "wild animal." But the elk posed for us to take pictures anyway. We were about 3 yards away from him. It was sooooooo COOL!

The Grand Canyon was OVERWHELMING! We walked the South Rim, and went shopping for souvineers at the shops on the way. We finished the magnificent day watching a STUNNING sunset. Yes, I took TONS of photos!

We stayed the night at a hotel and came home today via Jerome, AZ. Jerome is a sort of a ghost town. Although Dexter claims we were the only ghosts in town.... :-) It looked really cool!

We are back at the Gunderson's now. Only 28 more hours until I'm on the plane going home to Kentucky! I can't wait. I'm tring to pack, and wash clothes, and take medications, and watch the 4th Harry Potter on TV. I've been a bit sick today too. I keep running to the toilet to do my thing. I guess my stomach is just not wanting to process my foods today.........


  1. Sounds like fun! I'm surprised you guys have never been there before. I am excited to go someday, too! Best wishes on your trip home - and I hope that you guys have a nice rest of the summer!

  2. The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley are two special places in my heart. I hope I can take you and Scott and the kids someday and share it. Like you said on the phone, "It is almost spiritual". For me,it simply IS.

  3. I'm glad you got to experience the Grand Canyon! It IS very beautiful! Bun Huggers was a good choice. Yummy Food! Sound like it was a fun trip. I'm glad you got to go.