Saturday, July 3, 2010


Payton came home from girl's camp today. She had soooo much fun. She keeps talking a mile a minute about all her adventures. :-)

It really makes me miss my own daughters. Joanne has really missed her daughter and part of me misses Payton too... but I really, really, really pine for my own offspring.

Yesterday I got a really great note from Amy (the lady who has been taking care of my daughters while Scott is at work). She wrote that taking care of Kiara and Katia was a joy and that it will be sad when they don't get to come over every day anymore. Her sweet letter made me cry. I'm so glad they are being taken care of by people who love them. I love them! I yearn for my girls. And I can hardly wait to share their moments with them again!!!!!!!!

So, welcome home, Payton! But I really do desire to return to being a mother to my own children!!!!!!!!!

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