Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have five rules I have to do everyday for the rest of my life, since the surgery. They aren't hard rules. And, in fact, I think anyone who wants to loose weight could use these rules and achieve some loss.

1. Protein first at every meal, three meals a day. - The reason we are supposed to eat protein first is because our bodies do NOT store protein and protein is essential to our bodies or our muscles can break down. So now I am much more aware of protein. And luckily, my favorite food, cottage cheese, has LOTS of protein!

2. Drink water: 64 oz. per day (minimum). - I love water. I always have. I still do. Although when someone says that is all you can drink, you start wanting crystal light or SOMETHING. But as long as I have ice and the water is cold, I'm OK.

3. No snacking, as it promotes eating for non-hunger reasons. - I thought this would be difficult. I love snacking on chocolate and popcorn. But I haven't missed either since the surgery. I'm content with my small three meals a day. I hope this doesn't change....

4. Exercise at least 4 times per week for 30 minutes or more. - I'm still struggling with this one. I've "hated" exercise for 37 years and it's hard to make my mind change - I am walking though.

5. You must take vitamin and mineral supplementation daily for life. - I've already written an entire post dedicated to my supplements, etc. It's a pain in the neck to take, but I can do it.

So these are the 5 Rules I'm to live by from now on. Not too bad. Eh?

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