Tuesday, June 15, 2010


There are a number of concerns after surgery... but thus far, I've only experienced one: FOAMING. Foaming is a lot like vomiting/dumping except it's with foam from your stomach. I've experienced this twice now. It's awful. Not only is it extremely painful in my sternum, but I end up foaming at the mouth and having to purge it. I know this isn't a pleasant topic, but I'm bing honest.... The pain is intense. It is pressure combined with burning. And I WANT to vomit, but physically can't. Both times I've experienced this sensation I was taking my evening pills. And I think the "bites" were too big. I cut all my medication, but apparently not small enough. I waited out the pain, which usually lasted about 30 minutes. I don't recommend foaming to anyone. And I'm much more careful with my meds now.

Here are some other common bariatric post operative concerns (that I hope to never have!)

-- It is very important to continue to eat food three times per day.
-- Some aches and pains are normal after surgery.
-- Dizziness after surgery may be due to dehydration. Remember to drink at least 64 oz. of water daily.
-- Dumping occurs when you put some type of food into the pouch which the intestine does not like. It usually occurs shortly after eating.
-- It is usually associated with a high heart rate, profuse sweating, nausea and diarrhea and is most intense in the first year after surgery.
-- The key to stopping dumping is to identify the foods that caused it and DO NOT eat them again. (The foods are usually high in sugar, starch or fat.)
-- If you experience vomiting, step back and try to identify if the process of eating had any of the following:
-- Were the bites too big? Dime sized?
-- Did you take enough time between bites? (20 minutes to eat meal)
-- Are you chewing your food thoroughly?
-- Remember the 30-20-30 rule
-- Make sure you drink enough water
-- Make sure you exercise daily
-- Do eat/drink excessive dairy products
-- Make sure you eat enough dietary fiber

Sorry this post was so graphic. Maybe I should have had a content warning about these concerns too.


  1. I'm so sorry! How awful. I get something similar each time I'm pregnant, but it doesn't seem as bad as that. So when do you get to go "home" to Kentucky? How are the girls?

  2. Do you remember when I foamed in my forehead? That didn't hurt at all, but was pretty entertaining to you children, although I am not sure if any of you remember it. Doesn't sound like your foaming was anything like that.

    I have been accused of foaming at the mouth, but I don't think i ever have really. Now, you, on the other hand, apparently have. ;-)

  3. maybe you should get a rabbies shot before you come to Kentucky. :o)