Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, yesterday was a bit discouraging. I think I was mentally ready for the life-style change. And I was mentally ready for the eating changes in my life. But I hadn't really thought about the pain involved in surgery. Yesterday I was soooo discouraged with myself because I STILL hurt. I feel like all I do is walk, breathe and drink water. I don't contribute at all to society and when I do try to walk around a bit, I complain because of the constant pain to my abdomen area. It's a bit upsetting. I thought I was tougher than most. After all, I had both of my daughters completely naturally without any pain medication (including Tylanol.) Why is this putting me out of commission more than that did? Mom and Joanne assure me that it's natural to be in pain after surgery and that I will recover. But I wanted to be "better" in 3 days... not 5 or 6?!

Sleeping is also difficult with the pain. I am a side sleeper. I have always been a side sleeper. But it is physically impossible to sleep on my side right now. I have to sleep on my back. Which causes more pain to my back injuries that I suffered earlier this year. So I prop myself up on pillows so I'm SORTA lying backwards and SORTA sitting up. I do get some sleep... but it's not comfortable.

Well, I guess there are some days you just have to complain a bit. I knew this wouldn't be easy. Maybe this is just a huge reminder to me that it is a lifestyle change and it isn't going to be easy. There will be pain involved. And some ickyness... Speaking of ickyness....

CONTENT WARNING! Don't read on if you have a weak stomach.
I also FINALLY went to the bathroom, number two! It's not much, because I haven't had anything to eat except jello and chicken broth. It's extremely runny and not fun to clean up (especially when you have to twist to wipe right where the pain is...) But the doctor's at the hospital were anxious for me to go number two. So... yeah! I did it! Twice! I've also been passing a lot of gas. That was the other thing the doctor's wanted me to do but it took me until Sunday to do it. It's oderless, but loud. I guess it's left over from the surgery when they pumped me full of air. At least it's leaving my body.


  1. Hang in there Sundy! You are in my prayers!


  2. I know you are strong and can do it. Surgery puts everyone out of commission no matter who you are. You are doing great. I love you!

  3. Hi Sundy! You are doing great. And how neat to have so many supportive friends and family! Wish I was there, to help, too. =) We love you!

  4. Be kind to your body as it works the miracle of healing itself. You are doing beyond awesome!! :)