Friday, June 25, 2010


Today I saw the new "Karate Kid." It was great! I enjoyed it a lot. Much of "The Karate Kid" is predictable, because of the original story. But Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith won me over. They have a magically chemistry. Chan really displays depth and range that actually made me tear up. And Smith has great spirit and reminds me of his famous father. I'm glad I saw this show! I just wish I could have enjoyed it clinging on to my husband or sharing a "scared squeeze" with my daughters.

I also saw "Dear John" today. I liked it, but felt there was one scene missing. The man Savannah married needed to CHOOSE John to be his son's father when he died of cancer. Other than that, I felt it was a good movie. I cried... but that's probably not a big secret since when I watch movies I am VERY involved (I cry. I scream. I yell at the movie. I jump out of my seat. - My husband says I'm very interactive when it comes to watching a flick.)

I love escaping into good movies! :-)

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