Sunday, June 6, 2010


If anyone decides to do this surgery I would recommend staying with my best friends, Lori and Joanne, to prep and recover. I feel and have felt like I'm at a 5 star hotel!

I'll always remember swimming in a warm pool with Lori, while discussing solutions to "the eating game." I'm forever grateful to Lori and her parents for letting us get away from our lives for a few hours by watching Shrek, the Final Chapter at the theater. I'm glad Ollie (Lori's father) was worthy to administer a priesthood blessing the night before my surgery. He even dressed up as if he were going to church, and with the pain he is currently having in his body, I really am grateful for his loving gift of service. The Lori van ran non-stop to get me whatever I needed. She took me to my appointments. She took my mother to get me my vitamins and minerals. etc.etc.etc. And my mother was also taken care of. Lori packed her food for the hospital. Mom constantly thanked Lori outloud in the hospital for making such a good lunch for her. She was never hungry.

Since the surgery I have also felt cared for. Joanne has done everything she could to make me feel comfortable. Payton, Joanne's daughter, has graciously lent us her room to make us feel comfortable. She also made sure I had yellow roses, my favorites (and she would know) beside my bed and pictures of my daughters on the other side of my bed. Too make me smile. She was sure it would help in my recovery. :-) Joanne has made the best chicken broth for me to eat. The tasteless stuff at the hospital has nothing on her! And she's made tons of different jellos for me to choose from and eat. She's got tea on hand for when I need that bit of comfort. She is ready to listen and let me tell her about my surgery. Things couldn't be nicer....

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  1. They certainly are the best. Thank you a million times over for being there for Sundy. We miss you all.