Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have become the "Queen of Pills" since my surgery! It doesn't help that every pill I take has to be halved or quartered in order to fit into my stomach. It really is a time consuming venture. It usually takes me 20 minutes every morning just to swallow and take all the "stuff" I'm supposed to take! Here's the breakdown:

In the morning:
-- 1 serving of a Multivitamin (I take Centrum Chewables)
-- 500 mg. of Calcium Citrate
-- 300 mg. of Venlafaxine (for depression)
-- 40 mcg. Potassium Chloride (only for 10 days! :-)
-- 150 mcg. Levothyroxine (for thyroid problems)
-- 1000 mg. Metformin (for diabetes)
-- 40 mg. Pantoprazole (for acid reduction with my smaller stomach)

In the afternoon:
-- 500 mg. of Calcium Citrate
-- drink 20 grams of Protein drink (The worst by far. I always gag! I don't have to take it after 1 month, thank goodness!)

In the evening:
-- another Centrum Chewable
-- additional iron pill (20 g)
-- 500 mg. of Calcium Citrate
-- 300 mg. of Venlafaxine (again)
-- 40 mcg. Potassium Chloride (again)
-- 1000 mg. Metformin (again)

Just writing the list made me tired. I have to look for all this information in different places - so maybe this list will make my life a bit easier....

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