Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Drinking water is not a problem for me. I LOVE H2O! Especially on ice! I would take my GIANT 82 oz. mug of water to school everyday. And I would gulp water in between classes. My students were shocked at my water absorbtion. There's nothing like swiging huge amounts of agua to quench your thirst.

Now even inhaling Adam's Ale has been taken away from me. There is no longer such a thing as chugging water... I have to sip it. No matter how thirsty I am, or how dry my mouth is, consuming liquid quickly is not something I can do anymore. It's frustrating. And sometimes I forget and start to guzzle down my H2O intake only to have to spit it out within minutes.

I suppose this is a minor complaint. And sipping is more lady-like. But I do miss my gulping-free days of ice-cold, purified water quenching my thirst and parched mouth.

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