Thursday, June 3, 2010


Good morning! I'm really, really, really scared now.

I must have a SLOW digestive system. I didn't get "sick" until 10:45 p.m. I drank the Magnesium Citrate at 1:00 p.m. I was up most of the night using the restroom. So sleep was not available. I'm also "sick" because I haven't eaten since yesterday. I can tell my blood sugar is way off. The hospital staff said they would manage my diabetes in the hospital so I guess I won't worry... but in the mean time I have a headache and I'm really shakey.

Last night Lori, Mom and I discussed coping mechanisims when I have my "episodes" where I break down, cry, eat, sleep, or shop! I think changing my thoughts and coping mechanisms are going to be the most difficult thing about this surgery. I really am worried. Lori suggested that I make a "happy box." I've made "happy boxes" in the past for friends who needed pick me ups. She suggested that whenever I feel like eating or shopping I should get something out of my "happy box." I think it's a great idea! I plan on making that a priority as soon as I'm in Kentucky! I'll let you know when I have made my "happy box." :-)

Well... this is it. We're leaving for the hospital. They say I won't remember any of it... which is a good thing... I'm mostly worried about my emotional and psychiatric health.....

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  1. Hi - Mom said that it went well!! Can't wait to read another post. You are in our prayers!