Saturday, June 19, 2010


I don't like protein drinks. In fact, I REALLY don't like them.

Because our bodies don't store protein, and I can't eat very much, everything I eat has to be protein. And for the first month, I have to drink 20 grams of a protein drink. I started off drinking a powdered protein drink (flavored strawberry cream). It was so horrible that the first 4 days I drank it I gagged and tried to throw it up. Finally on day 5, I did. I couldn't hold my protein drink, so to speak.

I asked my support group what I should do. They recommended another brand that was already mixed. Yesterday mom got me some Isopure already mixed protein drink. I drank it today. It was better. I didn't gag. But I didn't like it. And the worst part is the after-taste that lasts after you drank it for hours! Even water tastes like the Isopure now. Yuck!!!!!!

Thank goodness I only have to drink this stuff for two more weeks....

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