Sunday, June 6, 2010

DAY 2 - FRIDAY - 6-4-10

Day two seemed long in one way but also full of breathing, walking and drinking water.

My breathing is shallow compared to what I could do prior to surgery. Prior to surgery I did 3250 ml, and the most I"ve done after is 1000 ml. Gotta keep working on breathing! Breathing deeply causes a little pain b ecause the diaphragm is so close to the stomach.

Walking - I've gradually increased my distance over the day. I can now make it three times around the nurses' stations. I"ve also practiced wearing a smile while walking!

I've probably been best at drinking. My mouth has been so dry that I've felt I can never get enough water. (Ice chips just didn't do the job.) I was told to drink at least four .5 liter bottles during the day, and I easilymanaged 4 1/2 bottles!

Taking meds has been "something to write about." All of my regular pills have been cut into 4ths and 8ths, so I am 'swallowing' for much longer time-wise. The only other thing of note is my potassium levels. Because I've tested a bit low, they've made me drink the most awful, disgusting, horrible..... stuff (potassium) three times today.

My pain medication has been: hydrocodone. They have made my life wonderful and miserable at the same time. Wonderful in that my pain is eliminated within 20 minutes of taking the pain killers. Miserable in that they cause me to be extremely hot an perspiring. The latter has even been hard to sleep around, but better hot than hurting. Right?

I really haven't slept much today. Mom has read Oprah experts' "Ten Most Valuable Lessons in Living" to me. We both decided there were several bits of thoughts to take away from them.

LOri cam around noon bringing flowers, hugs and smiles. She even walked me around the nurses' stations. She is such a dear friend.

Breathing, walking and drinking - I've made progress today.

PS In total I probably ate 1/8 cup of jello throughout the day. Period. My "food" of choice is water.

PSS I received a complimentary manicure and a complimentary food massage today. My nails are toupe and my feet spoiled. I'm spoiled too.

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