Monday, June 21, 2010


Each day now feels the same. I eat the same breakfast (yogurt or cottage cheese, sometimes jello). Then I take my vitamins and medication 30 minutes later with my protein drink. (YUCK!) Usually a pill or two gets stuck and I have to take a break between. I take a 15 minute walk. And then I find ways to keep myself busy until noon. Then I eat lunch (chicken or an egg). Some more busy time until dinner (chicken, fish or an egg). Another 15 minute walk. 30 minutes later I take some more medication and vitamins. Then I go to bed. I'm also constantly drinking water (because I'm supposed to.)

Joanne and Dexter are very hospitable. I love them soooo much! But I feel like this routine could happen just as easily in Kentucky with my family. I really miss them.

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